What to do if you paid for the wrong plan or desktop

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It may happen that, while renewing a subscription, you may choose the wrong Virtual Desktop or even subscribe for a new one.
The same could happen when subscribing for the first time and, later on, you figure out that you picked the wrong plan.

If this is the case, don’t worry! We’re here to help.

Most common mistakes and solutions

  1. You paid for a new virtual desktop but wanted to renew an existing one.
    We can delete the new virtual desktop and extend the existing one accordingly;
  2. You renewed the wrong virtual desktop (when you own more than one).
    We can revert the expiration date on the wrong virtual desktop and extend the subscription to the wanted one;
  3. You paid for a new virtual desktop, but with the wrong plan.
    You can upgrade it at any time without our intervention, instead, in case you wanted a lower plan, we can delete your current virtual desktop and issue a coupon with the same amount so that you can buy a new one;
  4. You paid for a new virtual desktop, but you changed your mind and would like a full refund.
    If you haven’t created your virtual desktop yet, we’ll issue a full refund towards your credit/debit card. If you paid with bank transfer, we could only offer a coupon with the same amount.

How to fix

You can either contact our live chat or open a ticket (select Billing & Payments). Please explain exactly what you did and what you wanted to do, by mentioning one of the cases above, the name of virtual desktops involved (or plans) and any other useful information.

Mistakes must be reported in a timely manner, we’ll reject all the requests made in bad faith.

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