How to get a discount

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We do offer different kind of discounts above our prices when some conditions are meet as shown below:

  • Coupon code (One-off discount);
  • Payment method;
  • Subscription length;
  • Monthly spend (volume discount) / charity status (dedicated discount).

All the above-mentioned discounts can be combined together.

Coupon code

A coupon code can be used at the checkout to get a one-off discount or, even, to cover the whole price of the subscription. These codes can be usually found on our website and social pages (such as Facebook and Twitter) during our marketing campaigns, but we could also send them directly to our customers for their loyalty.

Payment method

If you pay by bank transfer, instead of credit card, you can have an additional 3% discount as this payment method won’t attach any processing fees and we are glad to give this saving back to you. This could be a worthy amount when you pay for several subscriptions at once.

Subscription length

Our plans can be subscribed (and renewed) for 1-12 months, when you pay for a long-term subscription a discount will be automatically applied, the longer you subscribe, the higher is the discount, up to 15%.

Monthly spend (Volume Discount)

Customers who reach certain levels of average monthly spend will be entitled for a volume discount as shown in the table below:

Monthly Spend (€ or £/$ equivalent) Discount
€ 256 3%
€ 512 6%
€ 1024 9%
€ 2048 12%
€ 4096 15%
€ 8192+ 18%


Customers' eligibility will be assessed automatically on the first of each month and they will be notified by email.


Charities and other entities whose projects and goals aim to make the world a better place (not only for humans), may be entitled to a 20%-50% discount at our discretion.
To apply for the discount they need to open a ticket (Billing & Payment) and provide us with the evidence of their status and projects.

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