How to renew, upgrade or cancel your subscription

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When you subscribe and pay for a new virtual desktop, among with the plan, you also choose how many months your subscription will last, after that your virtual desktop will be permanently deleted, unless you renew your subscription.


We won’t charge you automatically for a renewal when your subscription expires.
So, if you fail to renew it on time, we will shut your virtual desktop down and delete it seven days after its expiration date, and all your data on it will be lost.

In order to help you with the deadline, we will send your three reminders via email:

  1. when the subscription is about to expire (~7 days before its expiration date);
  2. when the subscription expires;
  3. when your virtual desktop is about to be permanently deleted (~1 day before).

As we don’t store credit card details, there is no way to renew a subscription automatically, however those who own several virtual desktops may ask us to top-up their account (the minimum amount is $/£/€ 500) and enable the auto-renewal facility on each desktop, so that they can get one invoice and avoid renewing all desktop one by one.

The auto-renewal facility will renew your subscription one week before its expiration date, provided that you hold enough credits. In any case you’ll be notified via email.

Don’t rely only on our reminders as these emails could be placed in your SPAM!


If you think you need more speed or resources from your virtual desktop or you wish to add any options such as a public IPv4 address or automatic backup, you can upgrade your subscription at any time.

You will find the links for upgrading your subscription on the right side of your dashboard.

When you upgrade, we will charge you only the difference between the current plan and the one you wish to change to, including any options.

During the process, all your files will remain in place, so you won’t lose any data, but, in case you upgrade the plan, you’ll be required to completely power off your virtual desktop, so that your new hardware (CPU/RAM/Disk) could be detected by the OS.

In rare cases, the OS may not extend the disk automatically, this could happen, for example, when the partition layout of the main drive changed, in this case you need to extend the drive manually using a Disk Management tool.

When you add a public IPv4 address, you need also to download your connection file (RDP or NoMachine) again or update the IP/hostname in your RDP/NX client.

The downgrade is not possible, but you can subscribe for a new desktop with a lower plan and transfer your data before the old one expires.


If you wish to cancel your subscription, you can just let it expire, as no action is required from your side. We won’t charge you anymore.

All Virtual Desktops whose subscription is expired by more than 7 days will be placed into the deletion queue, which is managed automatically according to our needs.

This means that VDs can be deleted at any time after their “grace period” of 7 days, so, if you are lucky, you may be able to renew your subscription even a few days after the “grace period”, but there is no guarantee!

Once a Virtual Desktop is deleted, its backups, if any, will be deleted automatically within a few days.

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