What to do if the OS is not stable

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When you choose the Operating System for your Virtual Desktop, you can pick from a limited list of OS templates that have been heavily tested by us.

However, once you take control of your VD, you may want to install (and uninstall) additional software, including OS updates, and/or change some system settings.
Since all software, including OSes, are far from being 100% perfect and bug-free, in rare cases, you may experience stability issues, just like a normal PC.

If these issues appear occasionally, you may just reboot the system and ignore them. Instead, if they repeatedly arise over time, it is the case to investigate the cause and search for a solution.

Most common problems

These are the main type of stability issues you may experience:

  • Kernel Panic / Blue Screen
  • System Freeze
  • Program errors or unexpected exit (crash)
  • Unexpected reboot (other than those required by automatic OS updates)

Possible solutions

Unfortunately, when you have these problems, we can give very little help as each VD has its own set of software and configuration, so we can’t investigate all software and their behaviour, but we can give some general guidelines, such as:

  • have a look at the system logs/errors and search for a solution on the Internet
  • uninstall all the software you installed which is not strictly necessary
  • if you changed the system configuration, restore to defaults
  • always use reliable and official software
  • make sure to have always 10% of free disk space
  • uninstall recent OS updates (and avoid major OS upgrades to a new version as this could break the compatibility with our virtual environment)
  • avoid automatic OS updates as they may trigger a system reboot
  • try remembering what you changed before you started experiencing issues and restore the previous state
  • if you have subscribed for automatic backup, you can try restoring an older image of your VD

If none of these suggestions works, then save your data somewhere and reinstall your Virtual Desktop (or create a new one), as this will give you the chance to start from a fresh and clean system.

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