Why use a Virtual Desktop?

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There are many reasons why you or your company might consider using remote VDs (virtual desktops). With VDs you can do nearly the same tasks you would do on a physical PC, but with the advantages of the cloud infrastructure, such as:

  • computing power
    you can take advantage of the latest hardware (CPU, RAM, etc.) on the market as the cloud infrastructure is always evolving and up to date;
  • improved connectivity
    if your daily tasks are sensitive to Internet speed, such as large data uploads or downloads, you may save time (and increase your productivity) by using the connectivity of your virtual desktop;
  • operational flexibility
    you can work on multiple systems or environments operating from the same console at the same time;
  • accessibility & availability
    you can access your virtual desktops from any device, anywhere and anytime as they are always on 24h/24h unless you had shut them down for some reason;
  • data safety
    your data and applications are safe in our data centre, protected against physical theft and accidental damage;
  • privacy & isolation
    what happens on the Virtual Desktop, remains on the Virtual Desktop; indeed when you use it, you won’t leave any trace of your activity on local devices;
  • scalability
    you can easily scale your virtual environments as your business grows
  • time-saving
    you can deploy new environments in minutes, having them always on with the software you need so that you can save time and increase your productivity
  • cost saving
    you can deploy new virtual workstations for your employees or collaborators without incurring in new costs for the hardware (and maintenance) as you can use whatever you already have, even an old laptop;
  • eco-friendly
    our data centres are 100% powered by renewable energy, in addition, by serving a certain number of customers with the same underlying energy-efficient hardware, we can save environmental resources.

Why you should NOT use a remote VD

There are also reasons why you should NOT use a virtual desktop for certain tasks which you may be tempted to try, such as:

  • crypto-mining
    VDs don’t have a real GPU (graphic card), and the CPU (if useful) is shared across multiple users with “fair use” allocation, which means that you won’t be able to use it 24h/24h at full speed;
  • 3D gaming
    unfortunately, VDs don’t have 3D acceleration enabled (due to lack of GPU), so many games won’t work; however, you may still play 2d games or those running inside a browser if you have a good internet connection
  • web hosting
    VDs are optimized for responsiveness in order to give the best user experience while using it, this requires some effort on our side which increases the cost of the service, so it is better and cheaper to use a standard VPS for web hosting;
  • illegal activities
    if you think that a virtual desktop would save you from facing the law while committing frauds, DoS, thefts, etc., think twice, as we do collaborate with the authorities from many countries.

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