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26 February 2021 – Volume discount

Starting from 1st March 2021 we’ll be introducing a volume discount for customers who reach certain levels of average monthly spend. The discount starts from 3% for those who spend a minimum of €256/m (or £/$ equivalent) and it is increased by 3% step up to a maximum of 18% as the monthly spend doubles. Customers eligibility will be assessed on the first of each month and they will be notified by email. More information will be released on the support page.

25 February 2021 – Discount on Bank Transfers payments

Starting from 1st March 2021 the 5% discount for payments made through bank transfer will be lowered to 3% to better reflect the actual saving compared to credit card processing fees.

20 January 2021 – Plans upgrade

We are glad to announce that we have increased the SSD storage by 25% on our all plans!

15 October 2020 – Support page

We have published this page to give you a way to solve the most common problems by yourself.